Modern sliding gate design

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Modern sliding gate design

We offer everything from modern designs to more classic designs. Your driveway gate can be as unique and beautiful as you want it to be, the sky is the limit for our designers. With over 20 years of landscape and home design in the Los Angeles area, they are knowable of the latest trends and what has stood the test of time in terms of home design. Manual Swing Wooden Driveway gate with metal frame and redwood in the center. Spanish style solid wooden automatic gate.

Redwood and stained with a clear coat for extra protection. Redwood has been stained with a clear coat for extra protection. The top foot is iron. Redwood driveway gate with a tongue in groove horizontal design on a slope. The Iron frame and post have been powder coated in a matte black color. Custom Cedarwood Sliding gate on a slope with steel posts and frame in black to add to the striking contrast for this beautiful home.

Redwood horizontal sliding automatic gate with galvanized v track and heavy duty power wheel. Clear coat stain for extra protection. Custom Sliding Wooden Gate with Iron Post and frame, galvanized metal v track and heavy duty power wheel.

Solid look for privacy and extra security. Ranch Style Iron Swinging Gate. Solid botton design with mix of heavy and lighter bars on top, topped with a decorative arch. Solid design with decorative knuckle bar design topped with decorative circles on top with arch.

Solid design metal Sliding gate painted to match the customer preference. Modern Decorative style sliding gate. Modern custom design in the center that is both functional and stylish. Modern Design Iron Sliding Gate with alternating size bars for a clean modern look. Standard design security sliding driveway gate.The easiest way to boost your kerb appeal is to add a stunning fence and front gate.

A great design will showcase your home, your garden or your spectacular lawn. Front gates are also installed for more practical reasons — privacy and security.

Here are our favourite front gate ideas and designs to inspire your own. Cool, sleek and modern. Complementing the concrete walls and floor, the steel grey gate with clean vertical lines provides average coverage, letting the outsiders get a peek of the inside — ideal for suburban homes and townhouses.

This contemporary gate provides tight security without hindering the view. The dark grey iron mesh contrasts the bright outdoors. Best for gardened lawns and front yards. Fashionable and elegant, this front gate is perfect for modern city townhouses. Designed to impress, the graceful pattern cuts perfectly balance the contemporary plains of the walls. Providing full coverage, without being cumbersome.

This solid gate is heavy, sturdy and solid, ideal for front gates opening to busy streets. Adding wheels makes it easy to move.

The modern minimalist design is sleek as it is striking. For grand entrances, this cedarwood farmhouse gate provides all the drama, the charm and the magnificence of the countryside. The stacked stone posts complete the rustic vibe of the design.

Sleek, modern and elegant. This aluminium screen gate provides maximum security while allowing a peep from both sides. Great design for front gates of city homes, gardens and suburban front lawns. Wood is a common feature in many front gate ideas and designs. This impressive and massive wood gate evokes medieval charms and magnificence.

The imposing dark wood panels are complemented with black steel fittings. Gothic and dramatic.I wonder if we could do the same "electric gate" at home? This is an example of a transitional two-storey white house exterior in Melbourne with wood siding and a mixed roof. Spacecrafting This is an example of an asian garden in Minneapolis with natural stone pavers and a garden path.

Clear cedar fencing and welded steel create a back entry space that fit the eclectic and Craftsman Style of this home.

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Love the overscale windows. And the outdoor spaces are so great. The project consists of a house, a pool with a pool house and a renovated music studio. A marriage of modern and traditional design, this project used a combination of California redwood siding, stone and a slate roof with flat-seam lead overhangs. Intimate and well planned, there is no space wasted in this home. The execution of the detail work, such as handmade railings, metal awnings and custom windows jambs, made this project mesmerizing.

Cues from the client and how they use their space helped inspire and develop the initial floor plan, making it live at a human scale but with dramatic elements. Their varying taste then inspired the theme of traditional with an edge. The lines and rhythm of the house were simplified, and then complemented with some key details that made the house a juxtaposition of styles.

The wood Ultimate Casement windows were all standard sizes. Marvin was able to customize the jambs by extruding them to the exterior. They added a very thin exterior profile, which negated the need for exterior casing. The same detail was in the stone veneers and walls, as well as the horizontal siding walls, with no need for any modification.

This resulted in a very sleek look. Potential use of the Hoya - panel of green.

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Dual-sliding custom gate with locking pocket-gate on a custom deck. Design ideas for an arts and crafts front yard verandah in New York with a roof extension. Simon Whitbread Photography Design ideas for a contemporary stucco exterior in Sydney.

The building mass is kept low in order to minimize the visual impact of the cabin on the valley floor. The roof line and walls extend into the landscape and abstract the mountain profiles beyond. Weathering steel siding blends with the natural vegetation and provides a low maintenance exterior. We believe this project is successful in its peaceful integration with the landscape and offers an innovative solution in form and aesthetics for cabin architecture.

Love this native garden and rusty appeal - abstracted. Reclaimed stained glass gate This is an example of a traditional front yard garden in Dallas.

50 Beautiful Modern Gates and Fences for Small and Big Houses

Trellis Idea on timber fence - silverDo you care about how your entrance design looks like and what kind of impression it leaves? Take a look! First thing noticed, when someone comes to your house, is house entrance, right? Unless you have your guests coming in to you through the window, or chimney, like Santa.

Just kidding, of course. House entrance is that first contact with your personal space, your style, and your personality. You want to make it right. Most of the houses today are still designed in traditional style but as time goes by, people tend to notice the beauty of modern design in architecture more and more.

Read next: Top 5o modern house designs ever built! Use them as an inspiration for your own home, personalize them with you own ideas, build them exactly like this or do anything you want. I picked them among thousands of entrance designs because they describe my personal taste the best. Architects and designers around the world are full of incredible ideas when it comes to entrance designs.

When searching for an inspiration, I came across many different examples — from modern steel gates to large wooden front entrance doors. Some architects love to use main entrance door as a statement, giving a hint on a high level of innovation they used in the project. Others tried to blend entrance doors with modern house facade making them tricky to spot. The focal point of every entrance is door. Large pivoting doors are definitely my favorite.

They seem heavy and imposing, just like middle age castle gates used to be. Especially if doors are built out of wood.

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This kind of gives you special experience of entering the house and gives new purpose to the entrance. On the other hand, glass doors are perfect to show that you really love modern style, minimalism and elegance.

And lately, glass engineering reached all new levels with a glass that can become translucent or dimmed simply by using a switch. Yes, you can turn on or turn off your window or door made of glass. Another thing I liked while looking at those front entrance ideas is how some entrances are creatively lit up. Facade lighting can really do magic sometimes. Small details like house number signs are great opportunities to showcase creativity with lights.

Architects also sometimes light up staircase that leads to the entrance, which not only serves the purpose but also looks amazing.

Especially if you place LED strip lights under the stairs. Just look at the entrance design and stairs of this stunning modern home. Speaking of stairs leading to entrance, I also noticed some incredible designs in landscaping that often surrounds house entrance. Some architects even went so far and designed small ponds and waterfalls around entrance paths.

Or placed huge rocks and covered them with wooden platforms to walk on. Some might say that this is really too much for a home entrance design, but I kind of like it. So what do you think?Whether it is to improve the look of your home exteriors or to simply secure it, external gates are the best bet!

Depending on the architectural design of the property, there are numerous options to choose from. One such model which is known for its versatile functions and elegant looks is a Folding Gate Design! A modern-day invention, this style is slowly gaining popularity with many homeowners. The biggest advantage of having this type of gate for your outdoors is its effective space utilization. No matter how big or small the entrance is, having foldable doors can give you better control over the access points.

Let us get to know some of the best folding door designs in this segment, along with detailed information on the types and benefits. As the name suggests, it is a gate that is made with multiple doors, attached to each other using hinges.

They are also called Retractable gates and work well as space separators in the outdoor areas. There are many varieties of folding gates available in the market, which cater to different purposes. These models vary from the other in terms of the number of hinges or materials used. Here are some of the common types of folding gate designs to choose from:.

Before making an investment on Bi-fold gates, we recommend you to follow these expert buying tips:. Here are our 9 simple and best folding gate designs with images. This design combines the best advantages of a sliding gate and a foldable model. The Bi-fold style works on a bottom track, using a wheel that glides along smoothly.

If you a completely open space, simply move both the doors towards the wall. This is a foldable security gate, which is made with solid steel material.

The design is widely used in commercial spaces like offices, banks to prevent potential thefts.

modern sliding gate design

It consists of channel webbing that is welded to an outer frame. The movement is controlled by a single wheel on either side of the double folding gate.

Take a look at this stylish folding gate that is made with 4-doors. The large gate proves to be multi-functional by acting as both a pedestrian and main gate.

modern sliding gate design

Upon closer look, you can notice how the design has been customized to match with the rest of the theme.Steel galvanized profile according to EN standards. Powder coated Amorphous phosphatation Characteristics: Manually The pro gates allows greater leaf lengths.

Steel galvanized profile Gate according to EN standards.

50 Beautiful Modern Gates and Fences for Small and Big Houses

No feet crushing under the wheels danger. It is possible to install this gate with an uneven floor. Options: Posts to embed or When ordering a complete system, you are sure to obtain uniform Cantilever sliding gate PI is designed to close a driveway up to 18 m wide. Two cantiliver gates 2 x 12 m allow to close as wide as 24 m driveway. Main features: x In addition, you can choose between a side-hung and sliding door, as well as their drive.

The folding gate Sliding gate systems are a reliable means of securely controlling access to industrial and commercial properties. Unlike sliding gates with tracks that are permanently Sliding gate is beautiful and good harmony with the environment. It is with bright colors, smooth surface, high tensile strength and toughness. Corrosion-resistance, anti-static, non-fading, anti-aging. This single leaf sliding gate boasts the latest technology and has been successfully tested for all relevant safety norms EN and BS.

The gate frame is square hollow section steel The design is blind with two horizontal traverses.

How to make a Sliding Gate

The infill is aluminum sheet with a pattern made by laser cutting. The filling is matchboard with decorative shade. The door is coated in metallic gray color. The sash and frame are All the Brand Conception gates are designed to be automated.

We have what it takes Sliding door for outside manufactured of aluminium profiles that make the door very light and, mainly, long lasting. The profiles forming the structure are thicker in order to provide strength and safety Aluminium gates and fences, with greater robustness. Can be lacquered in Ral colors or wood imitation.

Assembly with unions and screws or welding. Large combination Good style should start at the site boundary.In this guide we share driveway gate ideas for swing, sliding and retractable designs.

Driveway gates are something that almost any homeowner can benefit from. For one, they can add a touch of elegance to any driveway. In varying degrees, they tend to make a driveway look just a little more important with their presence. These driveway gates can also to varying degrees, offer security and privacy to homeowners as well.

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There are certain things to know that will help you find a gate that is not only functional but suits your needs as well. Here, we will look at some ideas that will help you whittle down an overwhelming number of options into the driveway gate of your dreams.

Table of Contents. In fact, there are a number of types of gates on the market.

modern sliding gate design

Each of these gates also requires a different amount of space to install and use. These driveway gates work exactly as the name suggests; they swing open and closed to allow cars into and out of the driveway just like a door swings open or closed to let someone in or out of a room. Instead, you will want to open these gates towards the house where they are less likely to cause an issue. If you do want gates that open outward rather than inward, make sure to set them at a recess to the road.

This way, when they open they will remain on your property rather than blocking the flow of traffic. It is a good idea to add a few extra feet for extra assurance of safety, though. This is due to the fact that most swinging driveway gates open by moving the gates in a degree arc inward or outward.

Swing gates are also gates that generally need to be installed on a flat plane. So, you can only really consider swinging driveway gates if your driveway is rather level.

Cantilever sliding gates post mounted

However, there are some designs that can accommodate a sloping driveway bu may require specialized installation. For those with sloped driveways, there are a few extra options. Uphill swing gates are one such option. These gates are made to open to accommodate the elevating ground they are opening on. Lift and swing gates are another option that is great if you live in an area where you deal with a lot of snow which would impede the gates swing.

Lift and swing gates employ the use of a hydraulic lift. This hydraulic lift raises the gates slightly before opening them and continues to raise them as they open the rest of the way. Single swing gate — See at Amazon.


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